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Highly functional Transfer Switch at the rack, taking no rack space and providing redundant "A-B" power to single power input devices.
The µATS is the world's smallest and most efficient capable Automatic Transfer Switch for data centre equipment. The device is zero "U" self mounting device, that is designed to auto-switch the power fed to Electronic Data Processing equipment. The Zonit µATS™ is available in both 12A at 120V and 8A at 208-240V versions.


  • The µATS enables redundant power for single power cord devices.
  • 99.9% efficient power distribution, saves 3-15% of annual data centre power costs.
  • Increase UPS efficiency by 3-5% of UPS power conversion losses.
  • Cost effective N+1 reliability, eliminates the need for 2nd power supplies in N+1 horizontal server tiers.
  • Re-location flexibility, allows easy "hot moves" to relocate powered-up equipment.

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