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BTECH Battery Ground Monitor

Battery systems are not electrically connected to the cabinets or racks supporting them. The cabinets and rack are connected to Earth ground, if current is present on the ground cable then a ground fault exists. BTECH's system utilizes a precise, specialized custom current transducer to detect current leakage. The ground wire runs through the Current Transducer (CT), which is connected to the BGM-500, and the system continuously measures current flowing to ground. If the BGM-500 detects current above a configurable threshold value, it indicates a ground fault alarm.

BTECH CellQ 1 Battery System

The CellQ 1 is ideally suited for applications that support Remote Telecommunications, UPS systems, Station Battery systems and Switchgear. The CellQ 1 is a scalable system, designed to measure, monitor and collect data on battery systems with less than 16 units per string. The CellQ 1 system is competitively priced while offering increased sensitivity, accuracy, and repeatability. Typical applications include:

BTECH S5 Battery Validation System

BTECH’s S5 Series Battery Monitoring and Validation System has been designed specifically for any battery system. BTECH’s impedance measurement technology is considered the reference method for stationary monitoring system ohmic testing. BTECH's S5 system has the sensitivity and high-end filtering required to finding failing cells in any application and UPS/charger type. BTECH's patented rate of change analysis find bad units well before they pose a ruisk to your critical systems. BTECH's S5 system uses fewer wires than any competitors.


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