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LayerZero Series 70

LayerZero Series 70: eSTS 1200-4000A

Static Transfer Switch

If the power source fails, the eSTS Static Transfer Switch transfers.

The Series 70: eSTS is an Automatic Static Transfer Switch that switches between two independent power sources in less than a quarter cycle, allowing for uninterrupted power that is ideal for critical applications. The eSTS features a solid-state transfer switch that automatically or manually provides static transfers between two AC sources.

The eSTS power transfer switch performs open-transition transfer in such a manner that the connected load disruption is minimized without ever cross-connecting the power sources. A power source is specified as the preferred source, and if the preferred source fails, the unit will automatically connect to the alternative source until the preferred source is available again. The static switch transfer of the Series 70: eSTS safely and reliably transfers the load, keeping the power on at all times.

The eSTS Static Transfer Switch features Triple Modular Redundancy, a mechanical interlock, InSight™ IR Portholes, a 15" touch screen interface, Waveform Capture, "black box" forensic diagnostics, voice guided bypass procedure, and front-only access. The eSTS Static Transfer Switch line has been developed with an emphasis on reliability, safety, connectivity, and information centricity.

All components of the eSTS static transfer switch are safely replaceable without the need to de-energize the load.

• Triple Modular Redundancy Eliminates Single Point Of Failure

• Increases Reliability By Orders Of Magnitude
• Intuitive Graphical User-Interface Allows Operators To Quickly Measure Power Usage    Information
• User-definable setpoints improve configuration of system to the load
• Remote Access Over A Secure VP Optimizes Employee Utilization
• Side Access Is Not Required

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LayerZero Series 70
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Static Transfer Switch

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