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Rackmount Power Conditioners (Single-Phase)

Proven POWERVAR power quality technology is now available in convenient rack-mount form factor. Our rackmount power conditioner includes a low impedance isolation transformer, surge diverter, and noise filter in a standard 19’’ wide by 3U high enclosure.

Standard Power Conditioners

Thanks to their low-impedance isolation transformer, you can trust these conditioners to protect your sensitive equipment from the biggest problem for today's computers: common-mode voltage, which can cause everything from equipment lock-ups to data losses and more. All have UL and cUL listings.

These models also feature surge diverters and power line filters to eliminate noise, spikes and transients before they have a chance to damage your equipment or your data.

Medical Power Conditioners

Medical equipment has special power protection needs...and PowerVar conditioners are the perfect prescription. They filter out electrical noise and eliminate common-mode voltages before they can damage samples, skew test results and ruin expensive laboratory analyses and assays. All deliver clean, conditioned power and have UL and cUL listings.

Industrial Series

If your system includes programmable logic controllers (PLCs), computers, CNC systems, robotics, data aquisition systems or other sensitive electronic equipment in locations where they can be affected by noise from nearby equipment (such as relays, drives or motors), you need industrial-strength protection from power problems...and PowerVar industrial power conditioners are just the solution. All have UL and cUL listings.

Ground Guard Series

North American Ground Guard power conditioners provide networked systems with benefits beyond those of tradional power conditioning products. Patented PowerVar filter elements in the safety ground circuit prevent the formation of "ground loops".

Superior power conditioning combined with our new "ground conditioning" eliminates the need for both dedicated electrical circuits and isolated ground wiring.

Built-In GPI Series

Wherever in the world you ship electronic and computer equipment, you'll save time, spare parts and inventory and field service calls with our GPI Series B Build-In power conditioners. We've designed them specifically to be built into your equipment. Best of all, these models accept any AC voltage input, from 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, and convert it to 120 VAC - so you don't need to work with several power supplies or other components for your equipment to work with a range of international voltages.

3-Phase GPI Series 2000

The global power interface provides noise-free power to larger elctronic systems that require three-phase power input. Locking casters for easy installation and an emergency power off (EPO) circuit are standard equipment on every GPI Series product. The global power interface has full safety agency listings.

The low-impedance, three-phase transformer and bi-directional noise filter of the GPI Series 3 improve reliability and production yields. Large electronic systems are effectively protected from the problems caused by power disturbances.


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