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Oversizing a power protection system can result in higher costs to buy, install and operate. With the Security Plus Series UPS from VitalSine, you do not have to oversize your equipment. The Security Plus Series is built to handle modern computer loads – systems with high crest factors and high current inrush peripherals – so oversizing is never an issue. In turn, saving you money on your power protection equipment investment.

Security Plus offers custom solutions to meet the electrical requirements in today’s most diverse environments. These options allow the Security Plus Series to offer quick and easy on-site connection to your equipment.

All models are cUL or CSA for sale in Canada.

  • Product sizes range from 2 kVA to 15 kVA
  • Wide input voltage and frequency window provided by the online inverter
  • Impressive 0.9 output power factor
  • Low impedance isolation transformer
  • Low input THDi
  • Industry-leading overload capabilities
  • Diverse input voltage options
  • Let through voltage is less than 10 volts normal mode and less than 0.5 volts neutral-to-ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • VitalSine’s three-year warranty (two-year on batteries) on parts and labor provides complete peace of mind
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