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Mitsubishi Electric Announces 9900C UPS

Mitsubishi Electric, an industry leader in designing and manufacturing reliable, environmentally friendly uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), today announces its new one megawatt (1.05 MVA) 9900C UPS - the first true on-line double conversion UPS at this power level to feature the highest efficiency at all load levels. See the complete news release.

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Diamond Club Award

VitalSine has won the Diamond Club award from Mitsubishi for the fifth time for outstanding achievement in sales and service.

VitalSine is also a Mitsubishi 3 Diamond Service Centre and has been recognized with outstanding service and support for over 15 years.

We are part of an exclusive group of North American distributors to gain this status and have had a strong relationship with Mitsubishi for many years.

Click here, to view VitalSine's line of Mitsubishi products.

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VitalSine Now Offers Thermography Services

VitalSine now offers Thermography Services to its many valued clients. All VitalSine clients will receive a Thermography Report of their UPS System's Critical Buss as a part of their Preventative Maintenance Routine. Please call us Toll Free at (877) 500-6937 for more information.

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POWERVAR Local Area Power Center (LAPC)

Designed for the space limitations of today's small business, the POWERVAR Local Area Power Center (LAPC) frees up valuable counter space and helps you make your points-of-sale more efficient and profitable. Until now, ensuring high-quality, uninterrupltible power has meant you needed to pair up an individual UPS with each of your computers or peripherals. That meant valuable counter space was sacrificed to bulky UPS equipment. Not anymore.

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