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The global power interface provides noise-free power to larger electronic systems that require three-phase power input. Locking casters for easy installation and an emergency power off (EPO) circuit are standard equipment on every GPI Series product. The global power interface has full safety agency listings.

  • The low-impedance, three-phase transformer and bi-directional noise filter of the GPI Series 3 improve reliability and production yields. Large electronic systems are effectively protected from the problems caused by power disturbances.
  • Conditioners provide clean, three-phase power in configurations to match either North American or international voltages and frequencies
  • Standard models available to 45 kVA
  • Hardwired and line cord/receptacle models are av1ailable
  • Locking casters and EPO standard on all GPI models
  • All models include POWERVAR’s five-year warranty on parts and labour
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