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Mitsubishi Electric is the leading manufacturer of Intelligent Power Modules (IPMS), and now utilizes Intelligent Power Module transistors in the converters and inverters of its 2033D Series UPS systems. These advanced, high-performance transistors provide a variety of intelligent features:

  • Available in 30, 50, and 80 kVA 3-Phase
  • Available voltages – 480/480 and 480/208
  • Input Power Factor 1:1 Ratio (no oversizing generator)
  • Conformal Coated Boards
  • Drive Circuitry
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Control Voltage Drop Protection
  • IPM Converter and Inverter
  • Low Input Current Harmonics (THD)
  • 4% maximum (100% load)
  • 7% maximum (50% load) – no additional filtering required
  • Low Heat Loss/High Efficiency

Mitsubishi 2033D Owner/Technical Manual or Mitsubishi 2033D Specifications provided by email request to

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