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Mitsubishi Electric raises the bar with the introduction of the 9900A Series Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  Its patented inverter design produces the highest efficiency in the industry to go along with the quality and reliability that users are accustomed to when specifying Mitsubishi.

Mitsubishi applies the most sophisticated technologies available so that the 9900A will produce the most advanced protection for your equipment.  What are the benefits you can expect?

More reliability
Optimum efficiency
Green power
Smaller footprint/lightweight

The 9900A UPS systems use a 4th generation IGBT in both the rectifier and inverter with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Direct Digital Control (DDC).  This unique combination simply means the 9900A UPS offers unparalleled reliability with the most efficient system in the industry.

  • Available in 80, 100, 150, and 225 kVA 3-Phase
  • Available in 480/480 and 600/600 voltages
  • Fully Digital, IGBT Converter and Inverter
  • UL 1778 Listed
  • Parallel up to four (4) modules
  • Small footprint and weight
  • +15%, -20% Voltage Range
  • 1.1:1 Generator Ratio
  • <3% THD without input filter
  • Power Factor: 0.99
  • Mitsubishi 9900A Owner/Technical Manual provided by email request to
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