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The 9900AEGIS model is the lower range of kVA sizes in the popular 9900 Series of UPS from Mitsubishi Electric.

It is a three-phase, online double conversion UPS featuring Mitsubishi Electric’s world-renowned 3-level Topology Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) technology for enhanced performance and reliability.

The 9900AEGIS is a transformer-less UPS that has earned the ENERGY STAR rating for its high-efficiency (up to 97%) performance.

When uptime and performance are critical, its reliability and energy-efficiency make it the perfect fit, especially since this efficiency is maintained regardless of the load – crucial in data centers where loads can range anywhere from 25% to 80%.

  • Up to 97% efficient at double conversion mode
  • Advanced three level topology
  • 0.99 Input Power Factor at 100% & 50% Load
  • Enviro-mode: up to 99% efficiency (optional)
  • 0.9 Output Power Factor
  • Compact design: 80-160 kVA: 27.6” wide; 225 kVA: 35.4” wide
  • Front access
  • Bottom and side cable entry (top with optional side car)


Mitsubishi 9900AEGIS series Owner/Technical Manual provided by email request to or

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