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The 9900D UPS from Mitsubishi Electric delivers the highest reliability to satisfy the relentless demands of cloud and colocation data centers.

This system is responsive, shielding from power transients with advanced control and power module redundancy.

While it is a large UPS, it’s significantly smaller than competitive models within its output range, and its efficiency allows you to do more with a single unit than competitors.

This combined reduces gray space, cabling and installation time, and freight costs.

An ideal UPS for data centers, the 9900D UPS delivers:

  • High power density with just 2/3 the footprint of competitive units
  • High-speed sampling & switching
  • Higher operating temperatures at higher altitudes
  • Expandable UPS via modular design
  • Advanced 7th Gen IGBTs for increased reliability
  • New HMI for easier user interface
  • Lithium Ion, VRLA, and pure lead compatible for greater flexibility


Mitsubishi 9900D Owner/Technical Manual provided by email request to or

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