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Mitsubishi introduces the 9950A Series UPS a true online double-conversion system for mission critical operations, a UPS system designed for 400 volt power distribution infrastructures. Widely adopted in Europe and Asia, 9950A UPS eliminates the need for expensive, heavy transformers and extra circuit breakers required for 120/208V power distribution.
More reliability

  • Optimum efficiency
  • Green power
  • Smaller footprint/lightweight

The 9950A series UPS system uses a Mitsubishi world-renowned Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) technology for enhanced UPS performance and reliability. The 9950A offering efficiencies up to 96%, the 500kva UPS supplies clean, continuous power to data centres and other mission critical equipment while reducing a facility’s operating costs and carbon footprint. Due to these significant increases in energy efficiencies, the 230/400 volt power distribution approach has gained traction in North American, high-density data centres.

9950A 500kva Features

  • Available in 500KVA
  • Available in 380VAC, 400VAC and 415VAC four-wire installation at 50 or 60 HZ
  • Can be Paralleled with up to eight units for N+1 redundancy
  • Fully Digital, 3 Level IGBT Converter and Inverter
  • UL 1778 4th, EN 62040-1:2008
  • Parallel up to eight (8) modules
  • Small footprint and weight
  • <2% THD @ 100% linear load, <5% THD @ 100% nonlinear load
  • Input Power Factor: >0.99
  • Output Power Factor: 0.9

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