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Mitsubishi Electric began development of elemental SiC (Silicon Carbide) in the early 1990’s and has since introduced them to achieve energy saving efficiencies in many products and industries including uninterruptible power supplies. The new SUMMIT SERIESTM from Mitsubishi is a three-phase, on-line double conversion system that supplies clean continuous technologies power to mission critical installations. The SUMMIT is in a class all its own with the use of SiC semiconductors, the next generation of power modules, replacing the traditional Insulated Gate Bi-Polar Transistors (IGBT). Silicon carbide possesses many attractive traits as a power device, including higher switching frequencies and lower switching losses. It also inherently offers higher thermal conductivity, giving off less heat and allowing higher efficiencies across all load levels. These characteristics make silicon carbide the material of choice for semiconductors within the power industry and the SUMMIT SERIES a cut above the rest.

    • 98.2% efficient in double conversion mode at loads as low as just 40%
    • Innovative optimal circuit design with SiC power module
    • Full digital control, instantaneous waveform control, and fast response current control
    • Three level conversion design enables Mitsubishi to offer an unprecedented 15 year life expectancy on capacitors
    • Unity power factor
    • LookUPSTM communication
  • Smallest footprint of 500 kW systems on the market
  • 1-year warranty standard; 3-5 year warranty optional


Mitsubishi Summit series Owner/Technical Manual provided by email request to or

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