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In today’s data center, being efficient with power and cooling resources is just as important as maintaining uptime. Power IQ® (PIQ) software provides the information and controls you need to fully utilize your existing  infrastructure resources while alerting you to trouble before it causes downtime. PIQ software can be easily deployed as a standalone DCIM monitoring solution or with Sunbird’s dcTrack® DCIM Operations to provide full asset and change management.

PIQ functionality scales to meet enterprise needs, allowing you to securely monitor all your data centers and labs, including your CRACs, UPS, PDUs, RPPs, Meters, Branch Circuits, Racks, Rack PDUs, Environment Sensors, IT Devices, and Electronic Door Locks—all from a single web browser.

PIQ is vendor neutral and automatically supports a number of devices and manufacturers (see back page). You can easily add support for any other manufacturers with our dynamic plugin capability.

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