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Proven POWERVAR power quality technology is now available in convenient rack-mount form factor. Our rackmount power conditioner includes a low impedance isolation transformer, surge diverter, and noise filter in a standard 19’’ wide by 3U high enclosure.

  • Suitable for instrumentation, communications systems and any rack-mounted equipment application
  • Prevents hardware destruction, component degradation and operational disruption
  • 19″ wide by 3U high
  • 8 duplex NEMA receptacles (one on front panel).  Two duplex on rear panel are spaced to accept power adapters
  • Optional true RMS voltage and current meters
  • Let-through voltage is <10 Volts normal mode and <0.5 Volts neutral to ground when tested to ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • POWERVAR’s five-year warranty on parts and labor provides complete peace of mind
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