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IEM Power Systems has developed the complete UPS system to protect Critical / ‘No-Break Loads’ against electrical disturbances in the event of power failures, voltage transients, or slow voltage fluctuations.

The RBT utilizes simple, efficient, conventional electrical and mechanical components while being very robust. The system consists of a standard synchronous generator with no special windings and a simple steel flywheel. The low speed shaft extends bearing life and reduces maintenance.

Normal Operation
• Protects the electrical load from power quality problems
eliminating harmonics, flicker, voltage spikes and sags.
• Rotabloc’s power quality protection prevents wear on your
facilities infrastructure – including damage to motors and
pumps, and reduces the maintenance downtime necessary
to repair or replace such assets.
• These issues can be over 95% of power problems faced by
your facility each year.

Main Failure
• During mains failure the Rotabloc protects the load and
maintains the power supply at the precise voltage and
frequency by supplying energy to the alternator from the
Accumulator without need for electronic power conversion.
• Under extended mains failure, the load is automatically
transferred to your chosen back-up energy source, usually a
diesel gen-set.
• Once a stable mains supply returns the RBT will safely
transfer the load back and be ready to act again.

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