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Highly functional Transfer Switch at the rack, taking no rack space and providing redundant “A-B” power to single power input devices.
The µATS is the world’s smallest and most efficient capable Automatic Transfer Switch for data centre equipment. The device is zero “U” self-mounting device, that is designed to auto-switch the power fed to Electronic Data Processing equipment. The Zonit µATS™ is available in both 12A at 120V and 8A at 208-240V versions.


  • The µATS enables redundant power for single power cord devices.
  • 99.9% efficient power distribution, saves 3-15% of annual data centre power costs.
  • Increase UPS efficiency by 3-5% of UPS power conversion losses.
  • Cost effective N+1 reliability, eliminates the need for 2nd power supplies in N+1 horizontal server tiers.
  • Re-location flexibility, allows easy “hot moves” to relocate powered-up equipment.

ZONIT Structured Solutions video

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