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For an in-cabinet power distribution solution for your data center’s needs, look no further than Server Technology Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU).  These power distribution products are designed and manufactured to reduce downtime and improve data center power management. Products for data center power management include intelligent Cabinet Power Distribution Units that provide power management via IP including Remote Reboot, Branch Circuit Protection, Input Current Power Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring, Serial Console Port Access, as well as Basic Power Units and 3 Phase Power Units.

VitalSine is happy to offer our clients a variety of products and configurations for whatever your power distribution needs.  We look forward to helping you find a solution for your data center’s power and power management requirements.


Basic Products

The Sentry Basic product family provides a simple solution where reliable power distribution for equipment racks and other data center applications is needed, in addition to branch circuit protection.

Metered Products

Reliable power distribution for all the IT & network equipment in your data center combined with Input Current Monitoring of the power loads on each circuit.  110 VAC, 208 VAC, 220 VAC, 3-Phase and -48 VDC power distribution for the equipment cabinet or rack.  Combine power distribution with the ability to monitor network equipment power draws.  Each Metered Cabinet Power Distribution Unit’s LED digital display indicator provides an accurate, real-time reading of the aggregate power load in amps on each power circuit in the rack.

Smart Products

The Smart Cabinet Power Distribution Unit products provide local and remote power and use the network interface to view power, temperature, and humidity levels via a web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms when conditions exceed defined thresholds.

Switched Products

Control network access to remote sites and data center equipment with IP-based remote power management.  The Sentry family of Switched Cabinet Power Distribution Units enables network access for remote power management to reboot servers and network gear individually or as a selected group.  Additional solutions for the data center equipment cabinet can be integrated, including input current monitoring, pass-thru console port access, and environmental monitoring.

POPS Switched Products

Sentry POPS (Per Outlet Power Sensing) combines all the features and functions of a Switched CDU with the ability to provide power monitoring per an individual outlet/device.  Power information per individual outlet/device includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor, and power factor.  Using our grouping technology, power information is available per device, groups of devices (application), individual CDU or cabinet.

Fail-Safe Power Redundancy Products

Most data centers standardize on dual-power corded servers and network gear for redundant data center power control.  When single-power equipment is the only option, create power redundancy with a Fail-Safe Switch for the equipment rack.  Use the Fail-Safe Power Tower XL to add power redundancy and remote data center power control.


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