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The Zonit Data Centre Power Distribution System (zPDS™) delivers an ultra-reliable, turnkey power distribution system for modern high-availability mission-critical data centres. It simplifies the distribution, phase balancing and delivery of power between data centre Power Distribution Units (PDUs) and end-user racks, cages and servers. It enables quick and easy deployment and re-deployment of data centre resources while eliminating the source of errors that result in downtime and unbalanced use of power phases.

Technically the Zonit zPDS System offers unique patented functionality, high power density, complete power redundancy and unmatched reliability backed by a 25 year warranty.


  • Branch circuit wiring is reduced up to 80%
  • Saves up to 40% of PDU breaker space
  • Better airflow resulting from fewer power panel-to-rack whips and fewer cords within the rack/cabinet
  • Build-as-you-go
  • 180 Amps
  • 3 phase load balancing & phase balancing
  • The zPDS features a dual-feed, 208-volt, 30-amp, WYE-configured 3-phase unit (21,600 watt capacity) and separately sold 3-phase vertical PDU/power strips. The PDU’s designed power strip supplies twenty (20) 120-volt single-phase receptacles.
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